I literally had to check and be sure that your comment was not written by me, especially when I read your very last line "it's not hard to make teenage girls hate their mother."
AMEN AMEN AMEN. One for each of my alienated daughters, it is utterly baffling that the rest of the world seems oblivious to he very apparent manipulation of the alienator, and, in my case, his wife and his mother(of course). I KNOW the hurt that has taken over your life, I KNOW the pain in remembering rocking your sweet babies to sleep like it were yesturday and the complete and sudden loss of all acknowledgement for the years and years of LOVING your little girls more than yourself, and being the only one left to remember that. I just lost my 3rd attorney, and like you say, I have no money. It doesn't matter how right I am and how wrong he is, fact is that going this alone, I am too emotionally charged to have any affect in this court system. It is just so unbelievably frustrating, raised in a world that you believed to be benevolent, under a court system that was supposed to be honourable and deliver swift justice, and then knowing that is all a lie. What they want us to believe. And there is literally NOTHING we can do about it. We just have to watch as our kids get thrown to the wolves, because that is "what they want". The only descision that they trust a 14 yar old to make, and it can have a devistating impact on their lives and those involved, due to the descision of a raging ball of teenaged angst. Their ability to judge right from wrong at that age is non-existant and entirely self-centered, basing it on their current at-the-moment rebellion from the only parent who cares enough to punish them when they do wrong.