I have known the truth of what you write for some time now -- many years. I am a step-mother who has witnessed the emotional abuse of the children and of their father by the mother. Strangely, due to my own previous experiences of emotional and sexual abuse, I have experienced complex trauma and feel the effects of abuse, myself. For many, many years we have turned to a plethora of counsellors, parenting coordinators, and judges to get the help our family needs. After about 8 years, it is finally in the documentation that parental alienation is a real issue within our family. The children are learning the same abusive patterns and are set on this path, we have been informed, no matter what we try to do to help them. The lack of appropriate help is destroying relationships and lives that could have been helped as we identified the problems very early on. I have struggled over whether to commit some years of my life accepting this call to action. I have tried in small ways to create more awareness, but a larger commitment seems daunting and heart-breaking: I want my own life back, too. But I am tempted. People taking action as suggested is the only thing that will help long term. Thank you for expressing what needs to be done so eloquently.