Dear Jim,
First off: My heart goes out to you.
Second because I am not a psychologist what I can say is this is what I would do if I had the knowledge I do now.
First I would lose the "P.A.S." (Parental alienation syndrome). That specific terminology because it has been shot down by the APA is a lightning rod for controversy.
Adopt the terms, teaching hate, Child abuse, and domestic violence. I know you are a guy, but according to the department of justice Domestic Violence is interfering with a parents relationship with their child. You can look it up on childabusivejudges . com/judge-hal-harrison
Second I would be as public as possible and ask every judge to recuse themselves as they are not qualified to determine the best interest of a child. Look up the letter to President Donald Trump from the President of the APA. It plainly states that "Decades of psychological research have determined that it is in the best interest of the child and the family to keep families together." . Download it, print it and bring it into court as evidence. Judges like to make their decisions while not in court. This way there is no immediate negative response from the parent watching their child(ren) being destroyed and they have to through money to a lawyer. (Its a money making game to them.) While I was on the stand I wish I had called 911 and filed child abuse & domestic abuse charges against the Judge, Lawyer and any therapist dealing with my case. Lastly I wouldnt have listed to the judge that threatened me for trying to save my children. hcpress . com/news/business-owner-in-child-custody-battle-protests-in-front-of-watauga-county-courthouse-in-boone.html
I was threatened with jail time trying to save my children from the psychiological damages.
Read up on Dr. Craig Childress and find a psychologist that understands Child abuse & domestic violence(Intimate partner abuse) as described in the DSM-5 V995.51 and the correlation of AB-PA as explained by Dr. Childress's videos and writings. In my opinion, judges are not friends to you or your children and do not do what is best for your child. From what I have witnessed, family court judges are criminals in black robes.
Lastly, breath. The emotional damage you are sustaining it intentionally is designed by the court system to through you off and question your own sanity. Please go to groups on Facebook and do some reading. Most of us know what you are going through and please take care of yourself.
There is a lot of helpful people out there, just unfortunately not the APA, the courts, the lawyers, and most psychologists.
If you need to talk, Ken 828.406.8760
Best wishes and best of luck