Anonymous wrote:

Feminists have campaigned long, hard and successfully to remove fathers from the family and strip them of their income, property and human rights. Now they are trying to convince us that the family courts are bastions of the patriarchy!
I get it- if you are going to lie- go big!
The western legal system's prime directive is to destroy the family and it has been all but achieved. If some mothers are caught in the crossfire, they do not care. You are just collateral damage.
They are also redoubling their efforts to redefine rape as any action by a man or boy (of any age) which does not sufficiently please or benefit women. This will incriminate every male human being in the world. We will only be at liberty at the whim of women, which means we are not at liberty in any meaningful definition.
Crimes by women will on the other hand be rewarded with therapy and, of course, endless supplies of free money.
Bad things are only bad when men do them.
Even good things done by men will be bad.
Any bad thing done by an individual man will be the fault of men as a monolithic group.
If we have problems it is our fault and it is up to us to fix them. The only solution we are allowed to consider is to give our entire lives to the service of women.
We should not receive care, concern or any kind of services.
We will also be forced to pay higher rates of tax and be excluded from all but the basic levels of health care and education.
Exclusion from the professions and the democratic process will follow.
If I have learned anything from the events of my life (including my divorce and the way my narcissistic ex wife was given a free hand to lie and steal without a shred of accountability) it is just how much women hate us.
Tell me I am wrong, I dare you.