I might have agreed with you except I was recently a victim of rape by deception. I am still dealing with the trauma of the experience. But, I am thankful this law exists because I can hold the person who harmed me accountable. The important thing to realize is that due diligence cannot protect you against a pathological liar. I knew this person for 3 years before this incident and the lie that he used to deceive me would not have been revealed through due diligence. Rape by deception is a real thing. I am a victim of it and - while I think it is a rare thing - as a Christian woman, I would have never had sex with this man had he not agreed to marriage. I was very clear about my beliefs, my views on marriage and sex. I was very clear that outside of marriage I would not have sex. He entirely violated our marriage and lied about his beliefs for sex. I feel entirely violated. What I gave him, I can never get back. I do not want to press charges against him but I feel so traumatized and violated. It is a real crime to deceive someone, especially someone who doesn't have sex. The physical, psychological and emotional trauma is overwhelming is all I can say. Try to think of all of the persons impacted by this law before you draw conclusions and remember this is a law protecting those who have been deceived. Those who deceive usually check out on paper. The person who did this to me is a prominent community member who everyone - from the mayor to the milkman - respects and loves. That's why it is called deception it isn't discoverable through due diligence.