Agreed, Ziggy. Sounds like one particular gender wants to sew up all of the advantages. Also by this "logic", it should also stand to reason that if a woman lies to a man and says she loves him, then has sex with him with the underlying motivation being access to his money, she is guilty of rape AND robbery. I'm serious. Sexually transmitted diseases must be disclosed because they can cause a serious downgrade in your partner's quality of life. On the other hand, the only thing that occurs when a man lies about his job or money to get a woman in bed is that she is denied an upgrade in quality of life that she doesn't deserve. She hasn't earned it... unless you want to argue that she deserves it because she had sex with the guy. But I'm pretty sure you ladies aren't going to start waving the flag of prostitution around while protesting so why don't you give it a rest? Rape? He lied and trumped her lie so lock him up and destroy his life? Shame on you.