Ok, what about women who feign romantic interest in a man after finding out he is a doctor, for example? Is she being deceitful, "at all"? Do you think it's "at all" traumatic for a man to find out he is losing half of his assets because his wife finally reveals the fact that she doesn't love him?

Listen (seriously... try it. It's not that bad), I'm not talking about disease or adultery. If it is that devastating for a woman when she finds out the guy she slept with isn't going to be rich, then she spread her legs for the wrong reasons and deserves that disappointment. I'm sick of women who act like the skies part and angel's sing when she disrobes. If there was a Genitaliamart, dicks would cost every bit as much as pussies. Get over the "I let him" routine. He let you, too.

Additionally, we men don't assume you have small, sagging breasts, making us dumb if we fall for the fake body parts you are attaching to yourselves. You know we can't just fucking stare at them. We get a quick glance at your deceitful appendages and we like them or we don't. I've been disappointed by a pair of fried eggs masquerading as cantaloupes on more than one occasion. Once, I was already inside the perpetrator. To my knowledge, she did not head directly to the police station or call 911 after stealing an orgasm to turn herself in for raping me. Now that sounds dumb, doesn't it? I thought you'd agree. And it sounds every bit as dumb when you ladies say it. Stop trying to jail men every time you don't what you want from them or can't control them. It's fucking repulsive.

There should be serious consequences for using police as a weapon when it isn't justified and I'm disgusted by the fact that a female doctor would encourqage this type of conversation. Somebody fell asleep in ethics class and is now failing to uphold her responsibilities as a role model for wayward women. And anybody who disagrees with that can fuck straight off. I won't read anymore cupcake psychology spewed by disgruntled old maids. If you reply, you will be replying to nobody. I'm heading to the grocery store to make friends. I feel a PhD coming on...