Anonymous wrote:

Ok, what about women who feign romantic interest in a man after finding out he is a doctor, for example? Is she being deceitful, "at all"? Do you think it's "at all" traumatic for a man to find out he is losing half of his assets because his wife finally reveals the fact that she doesn't love him?

Not that simple. For some women, the turn-on is that he's a wealthy doctor. Men who insist love can only be "caring for you as a person" are total hypocrites, especially when they have no problem bedding a woman because she's "hot" even if they couldn't care less about her personality or her as a person at all.


If it is that devastating for a woman when she finds out the guy she slept with isn't going to be rich, then she spread her legs for the wrong reasons and deserves that disappointment.

There you go again, implying that the only valid "love" has to be the kind that men generally don't react to when it comes to bedding women in the first place. And you somehow think it should be "illegal" to love someone for anything less than "caring for you as a person", and not being turned on by how hot they are or how much money they have? Get real, naive newbie.

You sound like a whiny crybaby.