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I appreciate you validating my point. You are correct... there is another kind of love. There is the love of unearned money, which is not the "I care for you" kind you discounted in your comment. It's the fake kind that lazy, parasitic whores practice when they grow weary of their alarm clocks.

You're not very perceptive. What many women admire about a man with a lot of wealth is that it often comes with a man who's obviously very intelligent, hard-working, and good with people (in order to be able to make business deals and have people liking working for him). In fact, many women will admire a man who shows a lot of ambition BEFORE he's made wealth, but they admire the personal qualities that make him wealth, not so much the other way around. Fewer women would marry a dumb idiot who's unattractive just because he had money, thus disproving your shallow and limited view of how it really works for many women.


I'm not sure how I came off as a whiny crybaby.

See above. I just explained it for the 2nd time.


After having sex with 165 women, I don't feel there's anything to whine about.

Ah, so you feel insecure enough to have to say that? And, by the way, that indicates a possible attachment disorder. My number is not as high, and for good reason -- I found a very good woman that I'd rather stay with than find a new one.


I just don't sit quietly when somebody, man or woman, tries to publicly justify their lies and abhorrent treatment of others to desperately attempt to shed the titlle of sociopath.

Kind of a random statement. Not sure what that's direted to.


Do what you want with your soul. If you want to be a wrinkled shell of a woman driving a free Mercedes Maybach, it's your right. In fact, if you hurry up before the decay sets in any further, I'll let you have your turn at fellating me. But you'll have to keep your ignorant mouth shut when my dick isn't in it and you are only getting a glass of tap water to wash down my load and a stale slice of pizza for your efforts. Sorry, I don't overpay. Oh, and please don't let my neighbors see you as you walk home. They are used to seeing younger and much better looking women taking the walk of shame.

Really? You took the time to write that uninspiring drivel? LOL


Do yourself a favor and at least try to stick to the topic if you insist on adding your two cents (sorry, your last victim's two cents). Otherwise, you just come across like a bitter old bitch. I'll let you get back to scavenging now. Don't forget to insert your fake tits. They are your only saving grace.

You've provided absolutely ZERO insight in the last two paragraphs. You just sound like a potty-mouth crybaby. And you asked why you come off that way? Just read the two last paragraphs you wrote above. You must be a barrel of laughs for women with that attitude. Could one say, "no wonder you had to keep finding new women" so you ended up having sex with 165?