It's every bit as childish to speak for me and say I hate women when I don't as it is to ignore my previous comments, which stated that STD's and adultery were exceptions, as are a few other legitimate claims. This dialogue started with an example in which a man claimed to be a doctor to mislead a woman into having sex. That was considered to be rape by some lobbyist for the gold-digging industry. That is ridiculous. That's what my point was and is and will continue to be whether you continue to ignore it and run with the extremes or not. Women can't claim rape for that unless we can claim robbery when they pretend to be interested in a man to gain access to his money. Of course, not all women do this, though you probably would if you were attractive enough. If so, you might have even had the doctor routine pulled on you. Isn't it funny that those protesting against something while holding the largest signs are often the ones who are at absolutely no risk of being affected? I simply cannot keep chasing you around with the truth in an attempt to get you to swallow it, bit-by-excrutiating-bit. After this, you can have your coveted, if ignorant, last word. This type of misrepresentation exists in every species. I can tell you avoid research to validate your ideas. preferring to blurt at will, but just try it. It isn't that bad.

As far as your self-appointed role as Protector of the Vagina, I don't think I'm going follow your order to stay away from the rest of them. I love women... as often as possible. Crying and screaming in your straight jacket isn't going to change that at all. I'm rejoining the rest of the world in its failure to even notice you. No more arguing with idiots. And don't donate your therapy sessions to me, Crazy, you need them.