That's the best statement yet. Before any champions of the chained start yammering about how great their sex life is after xx # of years of marriage, I'm not about to say there is no sex after marriage. Don't feel like you have to do your normal, attention grabbing routine just so the other married couples will quietly thank you later for lying on their behalf. I'm sure you are the exception to the rule. Being the exception, you know how rare you are. So don't speak for everyone. My point concerns everybody but you. MOST SEX IS WITHIN MARRIAGE OR LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE IT GOES TO DIE. But you can't count dead sex. That's like the census utilizing cemetary contents for population analysis. Most live sex is within non-relationships and short-term relationships. Marriage is a casket for oral sex and wild sex to rest in peacefully when nobody wants it anymore. Please tell me you don't believe that statement. That's the type of fiction you'd find in the Bible, right next to the talking snake and the boat full of animals.