Becky didn't have an organism on a doctor. She had an orgasm with a washed-up musician. She wasted that night on a crap guy. She'll go out at night and get back into it. This time, she will ask to see a hospital badge.

Sex is not a business contract. We shouldn't consider empowering others by effectively interpreting it as such. Exploiting the whimsical sexual desires of others is not morally wrong enough to be a legal wrong.

It definitely shouldn't be considered rape to pretend to be a hot-shot doctor at a club for some vagina. It's stupid for sure. But those same women will have sex with non-doctors. It may just be the confidence and intelligence associated with doctors that the woman was attracted to. It's hard to know if being a doctor was a requirement. Dating is a bunch of pretenses. We pretend to be sane. We pretend to be as pretty as our makeup. We mislead about the size of our dicks. So what.

Sex with a doctor doesn't reap you the benefits of being in a relationship with a doctor. I think that a lot of our dating preference and sexual desires are rooted in associations, illogicality and whim which is too hard to winnow through in order to form a contract out of it.