Is telling your intended bed mate "I love you" a deception akin to stating "no condom needed, I have only had one partner and I have tested negative for every disease possible." when you actually have AIDS? Of course not.
How about a supposedly straight married man, seducing his best male friend by getting him drunk and saying "buddy, I have always loved you" when he is actually just very hot and you want to have sex with him?
Even better, "sure honey, if you give me oral sex after I orgasm, I will return the favor." Of course after a man has a orgasm, the last thing he wants to do is preform oral sex on a woman. He would rather go to sleep or say goodbye.
This is the same mentality that is going on now that equates total allegations, with no evidence, that a man molested a woman, decades ago to a reported rape.
I don't no a normal person who hasn't lied in some manner to obtain sex. Most of the lies are so superficial as to be part of the mating process.