Anonymous wrote:

Due diligence. Take responsibility for KNOWING the person you are going to have sex with. This whole 'victim' BS is crazy. In fact, three of the examples sound like gold-diggers who got played while trying to play their mark.

Actually, in fact, you sound clueless. None of the stories indicate that the women got a dime. Furthermore, the deception was by the men, not the women.


Right up there with the women who have sex willingly and then later regret or are embarrassed and then decide it was rape, after the fact, to displace their shame.

And who exactly is "right up there"? Any of Weinstein's women? Are you a doofus?


This whole infantilizing of women is WAY out of hand. They are adults and need to be responsible rather than credulous fools.

Actually, you have it completely backwards. If you're talking about the big ruckus in the news, it's about empowering women to speak out about their real, actual, and substantial unfortunate experiences with the men essentially getting off scott-free, no pun intended.