If anyone had the self control to follow your (good) advice, they would likely not be those who need to follow your advice.

I can't even get folks to acknowledge that picking up a phone and texting while I am speaking to them is unacceptable.

Without fail, 'but I am listening' is the response. So I ask them to repeat the last thing I said before chastising them for not listening. Nobody has been able to, yet not one of them has apologized or modified their behaviour. They immediately go into defensive mode and accuse me of being unreasonable.

I wrote elsewhere -

Personally, I have reached the point where I avoid physically visiting with these iPeople as the frustration of trying to have any meaningful conversation with 10 second attention span folk is pointless. When a person looks at their phone every two minutes, they are not listening with any comprehension. The only way to reach them is through their phone, but even when talking on the phone, often they become distracted. Almost certainly because they are texting/tweeting/surfing etc. while you talk.

I think it would be just grand if the Internet were down for about a week. After three days without their fix, I think a majority would solve the problem, by their own hand. (I kid, sort of)