The article I don't see very often is: "Top 10 Mistakes Made By Employers During Their Hiring Process."

Because you know, lots of them really suck at this. I can't tell you how many job interviews I've showed up for, and they really aren't prepared for me to be there. Nobody knows what's going on. The person you're supposed to interview with is sick that day (and they didn't tell you in advance), and then the supervisor (who is to take over the interview) is on the phone for a half hour (seriously) and so then you're just wandering around talking to random people who don't know what this is about and aren't prepared to show you anything in particular. And then they never even offer you a chance to meet with the sick person (who is supposed to become your direct supervisor) at any point later on, so when they offer you the job, you haven't even met this person. They don't think about what the applicant's perspective is...ever. Because they don't have to (they assume). Well, I turned this job down because they sucked so hard. That was just my most recent interview. Plenty of other examples from past years/decades.