It’s quite disappointing to me to see Psychology Today putting their name on a piece of junk like this article. This is no more than a personal opinion of an ignorant person. Adderall is the most effective medication for adults with ADHD. Many patients who are not diagnosed until adulthood have suffered throughout their lives with depression, anxiety, poor concentration, insomnia, uncontrolled impulsiveness, irritability, poor grades, and higher rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide. Medications for depression and anxiety have little effect because they do not affect the root cause which is the ADHD. Adderall does not have the same affect in patients with ADHD as it does in people without ADHD. In patients with ADHD Adderall helps them SLEEP, and be calm, and focused. Depression and anxiety can be effectively treated if symptoms remain once Adderall has been started (sometimes depression and anxiety resolve with appropriate treatment of the ADHD). There are genetic differences, and ADHD may even be apparent on a brain MRI. ADHD is not a behavioral issue as it was once thought of. It is a neuroatypical brain (neurotypical being the term for “normal”), which has become a general term for variations in how brains function differently on the spectrum of autism, highly sensitive people, and ADHD. There are the different types and also the severity with which people are affected that determines how well they function.
It is important to prescribers of all medications to be treating what is an accurate diagnosis, regardless of whether it is hypertension, diabetes, or ADHD. It is also important that we all have the necessary time to spend with a patient so no one resorts to just writing a quick prescription. If we can spend enough time with patients we have the chance to talk about the patient’s history, their symptoms, alternative treatments, further testing, etc. When providers have seven minutes to spend with a patient, 15 minutes to spend on the computer, and have their hands tied by insurance companies, there is no time for anything other than a quick prescription of some type. And that is one of the ways our current system is failing us.