Adderall saved my life. Finally diagnosed at 37 years old and was able to function in life as others do.
Prior to diagnoses I self medicated with drugs that were equivalent to hitting a broken leg with a hammer to obtain healing ..
I'm not thrilled that I need to take meds for daily function but my life prior to taking meds was a nightmare despite having been in therapy since 14 years old and being very aware that psychotherapy is a very good thing . I worked very hard to change many things in my life and I would never dismiss what psychotherapy did for me due that it did wonders but something was still missing and that was answered when I was prescribed adderall.
The shame I carried around feeling that I should be able to "do Life like others could" have been slowly diminishing because of the actual realization that it wasn't a deficit in me but perhaps something biochemically amiss .
Whether this is due to environment in the nurture I was given or a biochemical anomaly I was born with is moot to me..
My life flourished and still is since these meds.
It's taken me years to get over what I would have accomplished had this been caught sooner.. I'm still grappling with the lost potential .