I've often thought about how I imitated my brothers, who were avidly athletic and seven and nine years older than I, when they came home from football practice or neighborhood pick-up games and ate a package of macaroni and cheese or three peanut butter and mayonnaise (ugh!)sandwiches. I didn't have that mechanism that said, "You're stuffed" as I "snacked" along side them.

They were getting enormous exercise, and thereby stimulating dopamine and serotonin efficacy in the bring, while I got some and was depressed at a very young age, partly, I realize from the new science of food addiction, because of the affects of those kinds of food on my own half-baked brain. (See http://www.drpeeke.com/web/page/695/sectionid/695/interior.asp)

An interesting piece -- thank you for posting, although the title should be IS Your Brother or Sister Obese? (The or makes it a singular verb.)