Thank you Susan and Laura for taking the time to read my comment, as well as offer insights into where to start, so that I can be the change, to be the parent I would like to be. I feel better about how to proceed and you both offered some good tips that are very simple to incorporate into daily life. Use humour, trust myself and my boys, act with kindness and honesty and heart-centered messages, relax and chill before reacting. These are all ways I can strive to be a better mom from now on. I will use both your books as guides and references for our family. I will discuss this with my boys as well, and I really feel assuring my son that ' I got this parent thing', in a humourous tone and with a smile and hugs, and that I would like to encourage him to grow and discover himself, with me as his cheerleader, will be the 5th gift to us. Thank you very much Susan and. Laura. I feel more confident now. Sincerely, Tammy