My 12 year old son is stealing and lying about it. His father is an alcoholic who although he's been sober for many years is a liar. He is my sons main male role model. He lies about all sorts of things in order to get away with stuff. On the other hand I make a point of being open and honest with my son, in relation to his age and abilities. He has stolen from his father's girlfriend, other kids at school, shops, and now me. He says he stole from me to buy food when we have a kitchen full of food. He also breaks a lot of stuff pretty much every day. His father blames him for all the problems and difficulties in his life. I have tried to make up for and advocate for my son to his father, the school, other people but now I just feel totally lost and depressed. I feel betrayed and hurt and like I dont really know my son anymore. We have taken him to see several counselors, but to my mind it's his father's poor influence and role modeling that are the continuing cause. I dont know what to do and need help.