I have BPD. I find a lot of the guesses on the authors' part to be utter BS. We expected a larger than 50/50 split? What, all BPD people are greedy mofos?? Could it not possibly be that we're so paranoid everyone we meet is out to reject us, that we're convinced "cooperating" with someone we just met will surely end up with us being rejected/disadvantaged? I don't like working with people because it almost always leads to disappointment.

I particularly despise the intro to this whole article. We become "enraged" if a person is not making eye contact/needs to talk with someone else? Jeez, maybe the incredibly affected individuals with BPD who have no sense of self-awareness and haven't learned absolutely anything about social expectations. Yes, we feel upset/disappointed/sad whenever we're not worthy of someone's attention (note: SAD. Outright anger implies a sense of entitlement. We don't *expect* it...we *hope* for it). But most of us have learned to at least wait a bit to test if there's some other explanation for the shift in attention, or to keep our negative feelings mostly to ourselves without going full-on tantrum, esp. in public).

I feel like this article was written by someone who doesn't know much about BPD at all, and/or their only personal experience was with someone completely unaware/uncaring of their own disorder (and then writer didn't bother to look up what BPD looks like in more aware/less reactive individuals).