LZ, I like what you said about the article and about BPD in general, coming from a person with it. Something I read recently, and also that might have been helpful if the author was aware of this - is a new distinction between those with "quiet" Borderline, vs regular. I also have BPD and have not always related to the rage-filled and lashing out kind of BPD, I am thinking some of this article might be referring to another spectrum of BPD, perhaps you are more like me- a quiet BPD?
I am not sure if you heard of it but, here's a quick definition:
"A 'Quiet' BPD is acting in, rather than acting out, but internalizing all the emotions they feel. The fears of abandonment, mood swings, anxiety, self-injurious behaviors, impulsiveness and even suicidal tendencies and black and white thinking (splitting) are all part of being a quiet borderline."

I certainly don't get offended if people dont have eye contact with me or talk to other people while we are together, resulting in my screaming at them, although sometimes if I am with my bf or a close friend and they are on their phone nonstop while with me, I might feel not important to them. I definitely have the trust issues with feeling not truly liked or that the actual relationships I have could disappear at anytime and perhaps they don't care about me. I do have burst of anger at myself and others - but def not as much as the inner anger. Thanks for sharing your opinion!