In all due respect, your immediately NEGATIVE assumption that the author's reporting was an attack at rejecting and invalidating BPD is precisely what the article is talking about. I'm struggling to disagree with the example and observation, because I know someone with BPD who DOES get offended as described. It is undoubtedly not guaranteed for ALL BPD sufferers, but if it fits some... perhaps many, it's likely related to BPD.

Black and White thinking, splitting and your mini-tantrum fits the title, "Why people with BPD are so difficult to please" V-e-r-b-a-t-i-m. There was a lot of confusing things in the article. Some of it stereotypical, some of it alarmingly accurate. A person with BPD is less likely to differentiate and also more likely to perceive the report as "attacking" and "rejecting". But that is BPD! A person with BPD is also less likely to trust the author's intentions and lash out by calling the entire article "BS". It's possible that some BPD sufferers express and experience living with this pain differently from you. And it's probable that it was written from a more general vantage point.

If you have been diagnosed, I recommend DBT. I don't know you, but I have to coparent with a Borderline and it's not fair to ALWAYS be accused of rejection, cruelty, malice etc. I understand as much as I can that she doesn't intend to hurt, but she does. Me. Her kids. Her ex. Anyone and everyone in her "warpath". And you are hurting, too. Please don't hurt others out of your hurt.