One of my biggest problems with my ex-wife was that she acted as if she didn't trust me even when I made affirmations of love and trust to her. One example was she said she was feeling down and said that she missed her brother and his wife who were off in TX with the USAF. So for Christmas that year I bought tickets for us to go visit them. Once we got to their place she got into one of her typical funks and started to claim that I didn't love her. She couldn't come up with a single thing I did that would substantiate that claim. I paid attention to her and tried to include her in conversations and all. I stood with her and gave her silent affirmations from across the room and I checked in with her all the time verbally. I explained to her that of course I loved her, I bought the trip for her because I loved her. This wasn't the first nor the last of these, 'you don't love me', types of episodes. She still does this to her current boyfriend and they've broken up over it a few times as well. She doesn't want to get help either. It's what became the last straw for me. She knows she needs help but is too afraid of it. It's taken away from my daughter's childhood and has made her learn things that little girls shouldn't have to know until they become adults.