First of all, if you haven't been diagnosed then don't take the findings to be exactly about you. I was married to someone who has BPD. She would freak out every time we would be out at a party with friends or at a bar meeting up with friends and I talked with another girl. But many many many times, after coming back from the restroom or from having a smoke outside she would be in conversation with dudes (she's an attractive lady) when I came back and sat with her. Then she wouldn't even tell the guy to buzz off. She would keep entertaining them right next to me. I'd introduce myself and show them the ring I put on her hand. They'd get the message and leave. But she was always one sided about it. I couldn't talk to anyone else otherwise I was either sleeping with them or trying to sleep with them. I worked in an office where there was 30+ women to about 4 of us guys. My boss was a woman and I couldn't talk about anything she said to me or anything any other woman in the office said to me because I would be accused of cheating. This article keeps talking about other things my wife did, such as, feeling rejected even after affirmations of trust. You may not identify with this article but for someone who I know has BPD, it's very real. So maybe you have it more mildly, or different symptoms, or maybe you have something similar but different. Either way, this article was very helpful for me.