I find most BPDs have rage issues, massively overinflate perceived slights, and are quite demanding and entitled behaving about what they want.

More generally, and this is sadly consistent, every time I read an article about BPD, the comment section is full of angry BPDs denying whatever the article says--a hallmark of BPD, refusal to be accountable and accept responsibility for themselves but instead feeling it is everyone else who should be modifying themselves. When I read a forum of BPDs talking among themselves, they mostly like to think about how being BPD mkes them special, like that they are empaths(they are usually quite lacking in empathy for others due to the degree of self absorption), or creative, or keenly attuned due to sensitivity. They never ever want to talk about what they do to people, about their behaviours and they get fiercely defensive at any suggestion that literally any borderline trait being discussed applies to them, and always pull out the many-combinations, loud-quiet, we're-not-all-the-same stuff. They never seem to realize the diagnosis literally does mean that there are a recognizable constellation of symptoms and severity that give a certain amount of commonality. Consider how predictable these comment sections are.