First off, I should not have to point out that this was a German Study. Other developed countries have a better description of disorders than they do in the US. Many therapists are unable to recognize disorders like this, especially the more manipulative cases. On the other hand many people are misdiagnosed with these types of disorders here in the US. Typically woman or people that the therapist does not like personally get misdiagnosed with this pernicious disorder. Instead of doing actual research on the adverse events associated with a misdiagnosis. On the other hand people with extreme cases of these disorders are very manipulative, and therapists are oblivious to being used, by people with Personality Disorders.
These types of fluffy nonsense pop psychology articles perpetuate misinformation. Some of these people can be very dangerous, yet psychologists only recognize the behavior when it is directed at them. Articles like this are dangerous and deceptive, they are really just a deceptive form of marketing.
They don't even use the DSMV in other countries, that might show how bad the American system is.