I appreciate it Laura!
Psychologists don't have a clear definition of these disorders, the DSMV, their Bible broadened the definitions enough that any distressed or traumatized person could be misdiagnosed.

A few years ago, when people started showing symptoms from the trash fires in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were conveniently diagnosed with BPD. The same thing occurred with the women reporting sexual abuse in the military. This catch all diagnosis is particularity demeaning, while at the same time, few professionals can diagnosis the more dangerous serious cases.

The real disorder is much more serious, the behavior of these individuals can be terrifying, and dangerous. They can easily manipulate the experts. The Industry chose to define traumatized people, especially woman, who are distressed due to environmental factors, sex abuse, or even dealing with a true BPD, as "Borderline." It was convenient, and it did nothing to address the real issues. There was not much data collection on whether any of it worked or not. 20 years ago they were trumpeting the work or Masha Linehan, which was basic common sense, portrayed as a "Cure" for BPD. That was truly deceptive, but they sold it anyway. It is unlikely a true "Borderline" would even participate in a CBT session.

Psychologists and Psychologists have pigeonholed these hinky, pseudo scientific ideas, and promoted only the "Science" that brings them prestige, credibility, or profit.
Psychologists continually refer to qualitative biased studies as science. They have trained lazy writers, content marketers and journalists to repeat this, without question. Doing a little research on marketing your book, psychology practice, or speaking engagements can really be illuminating. I was really naive to think any of this was about science, it is about marketing.