Linus Torwalds, the inventor or LINUX operating system, said it in a TED interview: Instead of expecting - in vain - that "non-people persons" (his expression, not mine) like him become nicer, why not becoming more aggressive ourselves? It's always inconsiderate people that behave badly that want us to have no grudges: the ones that have already less cognitive empathy with others, get their own negative motivations wrong, have emotional regulation issues, have a short memory when it comes to their own thoughts, and have a minority complex to compensate on other peoples' costs. So that they can have an even better feeling, and we the even worse one??? You are kidding ! You can say that we should not take bad behavior personally, because people who behave badly have a much harder time to considerate how it impacts others. But you cannot tell us that we have no right to stop them doing bad stuff to us and other people. That is IRRESPONSIBLE.

If you like you can add that it is wiser to teach such people modesty, and how to be kind to others (in a simple good girl-good boy-way). To tell them that they should work for others instead of bossing others around. That they should do LESS than others instead of trying to do MORE than others, or even MUCH less. Then you are doing a good service to everybody.

Stop telling people affected by the bad decisions of others that they should have nor grudges. That is slave morality enforced by an "elite" of badly behaving people that needs to be taken down.