Item 9 is accurately stated. Everyone needs satisfaction of certain essential material and health needs. Beyond that, a chasm gapes between the momentary shot of cheer we get on payday and a deep sense of life satisfaction.

The pleasure many individuals get from making money is really the satisfaction that comes with certain personal rewards money has, through social conditioning, come to symbolise: à sense that one's work is valued, a sense of personal agency. It's not the banknotes we want; it's those rewards we want.

Recognising the real satisfactions we seek empowers us to sidestep the personality distortions that come from making a fetish of money itself. To do that is to put our sense of life satisfaction at the mercy of the banknotes. We then become like the all too many people who threw themselves out of office windows in 1929. Most of us would agree that's not a healthy response to adversity.

Money is a resource—one of many. When we know the rewards we truly seek, we are able to go about securing them in ways that are opportunistic, wise, imaginative, balanced, and truly... resourceful.