I agree with this...

"Ultimately men never learn how to manage their feelings: what to name them, how to understand them, what to do with them. This message deprives boys of gaining critical social and emotional skills that are necessary to thrive."

Anger is a touchy emotion for men. It needs to be understood and dealt with in a healthy way. Not taken out on your family or neighbors or co-workers in the form of passive aggressive behavior or abusive words.

As a man, you need to find an outlet for your aggression. Exercise is the best. You need to accept the fact that you feel angry and want to destroy things from time to time. It feels good to get angry. It acts as an armor of protection. But it burns you if you hold onto it for too long. As a man, you need to learn to be self sufficient and strong. Strong in character. Strong in behavior.

You need a code to live by. Don't look for anyone to provide you with a code. Build one yourself. I recommend reading "Men of the Code: Living as a Superior Man" by Bohdi Sanders. It's a great beginning point for men of all ages. There are countless other resources out there. Artists, academics, psychologists, musicians, men of honor throughout history and strong men you can meet in your daily / work life. Model yourself on these men. Take what you like about them and apply it to yourself.

Above all, forget what society says. Walk your path alone or with like minded individuals. Your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister cannot help you on this path. Recognize their love and be a good man for them.

Eat well. Exercise. Sleep. Stay away from alcohol and drugs in excess. Take care of your body. Educate yourself. This shit takes work. Develop a warrior mindset. Be a spartan in your daily routine. Hold yourself to standards but don't beat yourself up if you don't measure up or fall down. Failure builds character. Rise from the ashes. If you fall down 7 times, get up 8 times. Good luck.