I’m trying to calm myself down as I type so that I don’t write a response that will be dismissed as “too emotional, therefore we can chuck whatever she says and file it into looney bin rant”. What I have to say is important and fills me with fear to say it, but I say it because I want to warn others....

What was written here was a good outcome to these so called “medications”. I can relate to what she said. ALL of what she wrote sounded like it could’ve been me. But unlike this woman, so so so much of my life was destroyed by it that I don’t have a laissez-faire attitude about psychology/psychiatry like she seems to have. You see, I too had a similar reaction to those drugs (which I took by the way exactly and always as prescribed) but unlike this lady, I did not have psychologist believeing me to which he responded in suggesting my mental illness got worse while I was on the drugs and therefore it was a sure sign that I indeed needed them. I ABSOLUTELY KNEW he was full of shit and that I was having horrific drug reactions- thanks to the internet and others relaying their bad reactions to the pharmaceuticals.

But what I suffered under the hands of those claiming to help me is beyond any other trauma that I ever had my whole life. Pinning a patient’s drug withdrawal as “just their mental illness” is severely irresponsible and abusive. Up until that point I had always trusted and been forthcoming and vulnerable and honest with them, but this taught me that people truly should not be trusting themselves to these people. I went through years of trauma after that- trying to be heard, trying to overcome a stigma, trying to recover from the devastating effects these drugs did to me. It took every bit of myself not to commit suicide- I felt abandoned, abused by the very people I was placing myself and my trust in. I had NEVER had any severe psychiatric issue before this. I started going to see one because of panic attacks after witnessing two separate gory car accidents in succession. It also dawned on me at this time, while going through this that there truly are so many people, trapped within psychiatry and that they werent having delusions or mental illness when they complain about abuses, that they were truly victims of it and those practicing it’s beliefs. They too were dismissed, drugged.... just as easily as I was (!) and I’m quite sure now that the reason behind it was either for a doctor to hide their bad decisions and errors in treatment to protect their ass OR they were following some protocol they were told by those in charge of so called diagnosis and put more confidence in them rather than what a patient was describing.

So many people are HARMED. Yet others will claim it helped. I have met and conversed with people who either love their meds or been harmed. But I still have to say, as someone who went through these horrors I don’t see that the risk is worth it....AT ALL and it if we’re up to me, I’d have this practice of these “medications “ BANNED. It seriously harmed me and my life has now been shit for the past 15 years because if it. (I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome ever since not to mention a huge fear of doctors). I’d go see another counselor for help with all this but I can’t because of the trauma I endured. How could I ever trust a perfect stranger with a so called degree again?

There are too many unknowns in this field to give definite bold statements about what a patient “has”. ( Labels are smacked on people’s charts and persona that have a negative effect.) In my own experience they’ve been more wrong than right, and seeing one is more dangerous to your health than not seeing one. It’s a crying shame - a real despicable shit mark on humanity - that we can’t just treat people with what they really need which is patience, true listening, true compassion and real love. Psychology would be great and fine if all doctors within it exhibited those traits at all times, but not even religious leaders can do that- so why does society expect and think and beleive that a psychiatrist can offer healing ...and furthermore, that pills can grant it to a sufferer!? It’s totally twisted and I can’t wait for the day society finally SEES it for what it is. It seems today more people are aware, like the author of this article conveys, but I still have a huge personal beef with the system and what I see as abuses of power. If 50% of people are getting benefit from a drug and the other 50% are being severely harmed, it should NOT be prescribed EVER! AT LEAST have the decency of warning those agreeing to take it that these adverse outcomes are fairly prevalent -don’t cover it up - and when a patient tells you they are having problems with treatment, don’t see it as them skirting your power or a symptom of mental illness, BELIEVE THEM and help them recover from a disaster you caused.

I’m outraged still to this day even though I recovered mostly from the withdrawal. It took me 3 1/2 years, crucial years I needed to get myself out there into the world to establish myself financially and socially, to recover from the negative debilitating effects of these drugs, but it left me permanently exhausted with physical troubles I didn’t have before. That shouldn’t have happened. And I absolutely know I’m not alone in this assessment. MANY have been harmed.

I’d love to see the mental health field acknowledge their wrong doing and admit the damages that have been done to many people who cane to them for help and trusted them. For some, that trust resulted in death, some resulting in permanent injury. It’s absolutely criminal and heinous.

If you found my post hard to read and choppy please understand it comes from the anxiety and outrage I still feel about this topic. It’s been more than 12 years from that nightmare and even though I survived it, I’m filled with horror about it. It damaged me. I was severely harmed. I went through years of ongoing torture from the withdrawal. I want people to know, but I know from experience in talking with others what I have to say will be dismissed. They trust in this institution too much. Forgive me for my outrage, but I want justice and restitution not just for me, but all the others who have suffered as well.