Not to be preachy or anything, but belief in a higher power..God..if you will at least for me is comforting to know that one day I will see my mom & dad, aunts, uncles, all the family that have gone before me.
I am a disabled veteran 100% disabled in fact, I spent 16 years working for Uncle Sam in the Army. I loved the Army and wanted to stay in, but at the time I was too messed up and was not able to reenlist for my chosen profession being an MP. Now, while in the Army, I saw enough death & dying, to last me. When I got out I wasn't too messed up that I couldn't be a police officer, again; seeing more death & dying. As an EMT/ Vol. firefighter I saw more death & dying so death/dying has no fear for me any longer. No, I don't want to die, I want this body to stick around for as long as possible.
I said I am a 100% disabled vet, what got me there was a riot at the prison I worked at for 14 years. I was injured severely, which exasperated my original injuries I sustained while serving in the Army. To be precise what I have are 2..2 autoimmune diseases, I guess they can be called such. Both are known for their ability to cause a never ending amount of pain, pain like you can't even imagine. I say can't imagine, you can't unless you have these 2 diseases, one is called CRPS Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, or used to be called RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy the other is called Arachnoiditis, if you have one of these diseases you know what I'm talking about. Its no fun even on a good day, pain day in day out, so I expect that when my time on earth is finally done I don't think my dying will be nearly as painful as what I'm going through right now.
Dying.......unless you have cancer some types are extremely painful, but that isn't what kills you, you die from the side effects of cancer, you just quietly slip into a coma and then after a time your gone, no fuss, no pain. So dying in and of itself I can't see as being painful, maybe for a microsecond, but nothing more. Just my thoughts and experiences on the subject.