Right... The world would obviously be much better with legions of people like yourself in it.

And to your specific barbs...I'm no victim. I'm extremely confident and capable. That has nothing to do with being an extrovert or an introvert. It's quite clear that you don't understand the definition of these characterizations.

Judging from your comments, I'm not surprised that you are ignorant of anything beyond your own vision. You've done a very good job removing doubt the you are considerate or wise.

Again... You are typical. I don't blame you for you ignorance, but I am disappointed in the widespread commonality of your laziness. It's becoming an epidemic in these times.

I get it... It's not worth your time or effort to understand something which you can't comprehend. It frustrates you and is too much effort to break your own contrived understanding from such a limited scope and vantage point.

All of that's is perfectly fine and is 100% your right to remain willfully ignorant. Disappointing as it may be, you have no responsibility to tolerate people who are different from you.

But concede the fact that you couldn't possibly KNOW each and every single persons perspective to make such blanket statements about the uniformity of how to solve everything and how everything should be solved?

There are unlimited opinions and unlimited perspectives and consequently, there are unlimited approaches to finding success in life. Your way, may very well work for you... But that doesn't make it the one true path for all.

I imagine that admitting anything like this is an exercise in futility for a personality such as yours, but it's a fact, and whether you accept it or not doesn't matter to me.

Not everything is a conspiracy of manipulation to make the masses more inconvenient for you. But regardless friend, enjoy all your time spent being angry and annoyed at the world for not being as affable and awesome as yourself.