A introvert-friendly world? Not that simple.

Is there any evidence that there are societies in which extraversion is not valued?

There is one area in which you can't erase the inherent burden of being an introvert no matter how tolerant society is. That area is dating.

Introverts (or at least introvert men) have a huge disadvantage in the dating and sex arena. Not knowing/being unable to spend time with the opposite (or same) sex for an extended amount of time is obviously not a great way to know love. I can't see any sort of social reform or awareness campaign that could change this.

What's more, introversion is correlated with a lot of bad outcomes. Depression, weak immune system, etc... While it is true that introversion makes you less likely to do risky stuff, in today's context it's not exactly an upside. INTROVERSION IS WORSE THAN EXTRAVERSION. While it may have some upsides in specific context, overall it's not a neutral trait. It's a bad one.

The problem with articles like this is that it takes a eudaemonic point of view : it wants to make us believe that it's just about self-esteem/confidence. We should just "love ourselves as we are" no matter how shitty and lonely our lives actually are. Introverts should just know their place and learn to live with it, then their worries will disppear! I take it as a form of victim blaming. The onus is placed on people with introversion to stop feeling bad.

Our only hope lies in genetic modifications. Once the genetics of introversion is fully understood, we will be able to definitively wipe out this bad thing. Intellectuals find genetic engineering so terrible they put it on par with Nazi atrocities. This is not the case. Intellectuals by definition are high-status and do not know the hardships of being born with hard genes.


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