Kevin, I can see why you must feel introversion to be a disability if it is preventing you from forming meaningful connections. However there are many, many introverts who manage to connect well with others, especially in one-on-one situations. Introversion doesn't always mean shyness or social inhibition. That being said, I have observed that those who do suffer from social discomfort such as you describe have a much easier time in cultures where arranged marriage (or some similar system whereby suitable dates are suggested by trusted family or friends) is the normal expectation. In such situations, a potential partner is generally judged in terms of practical compatibility and family connections. The couple in question then see if they think they would get on well or not, and if they decide to go forward with the match, they expect that close connection and love to develop over time as they share life together. That's been a more normal way of coupling throughout history, and has no inherent bias towards any particular temperament.