I admit I'm far better in person receiving compliments, because I can judge tone of voice, body language, and usually intent, along with the words. Online and in chat specifically? Nope, I never accept compliments, mainly because in chat, it's a form of flying blind. I particularly don't like or appreciate some male in chat making a comment on my looks, as if my and women's looks in general were public property, and as if we were actually interested in the opinion of some random dude on how we look.

On other platforms, such as social media (FB for instance) I do accept compliments, mainly because it's such a public forum, and of course 99% of the males there know that, and don't say creepy or shallow comments.

Chat with private messages though, is a whole other story. And I for one at 50 years old don't feel compelled to acknowledge or thank some random male stranger for his opinion about whatever looks I have. Meh. We can chat, just don't go there, kthx.