My first reply was very rough, so I've retyped it up a littler cleaner. Since I wanted to put time and consideration into this reply, I also want to be sure it's clear and (mostly) grammatically correct:


1) Okay, let's say you've been hypnotized. Fine. Then accept it and move forward. But accept that now, YOU, are the one in control, and do not blame the hypnotherapist from this point forward - because that is something can't help you. If you find yourself wanting to defensively rationalize against my point here, that’s yourself consciously or unconsciously giving up your control of the situation. That doesn't make you a good or bad person, it's just important to see when it happens. We all do it from time to time.

2) You want to live your life 'like a normal person'. Presumably, a good, positive life. However, most people will be negatively affected by other people in their life. Learning to deal with negative things done to us by others is common to everyone. So, in that way, you are very much like everyone else. The details of your story are different, but your issue and your feelings are relatable. You are similar to other people in this way, and you can, and are understood.

3) You're right. If someone doesn't follow a code of ethics, then it's meaningless to them. But for everyone one person that did you wrong, there are probably hundreds more that want to honestly help. Please don't judge ALL people as untrustworthy, because doing so will certainly set yourself up for certain failure. Trust is difficult, but we can develop trust if we are safe, smart, careful, and willing to have faith when the time comes to use it.

Take care