The average religious world view and the average atheist
secular world view are generally speaking both narrow in scope, linear, small, binary in thinking, lacking nuance and almost incapable of handling paradox. So they are quite similar in that respect.

Scientists are human first and scientists second. So science while being a wonderfully successful and valuable tool to look at the world from, will operate its critical thinking tool only within the boundaries of its accepted paradigm and world view and ignore the rest.

The intellect is a servant, not a master and thus can only see what we want it to see. We gather the data to support our feelings and biases and call ourselves rational, that's the normal human condition.

There are other approaches to the world that fully embrace science but are not limited by it and that can grasp the essence of religion without buying into most of its nonsense and childishness. It's up to us to open that door and see where that particular road leads.

In my experience that road leads to a world view that is hugely
more complex, broad, uncertain, unpredictable, loose and nuanced than what both the average current scientific and religious paradigms have to offer.