I’m interested in how science can account for nearly everything, and that dispenses with the notion of God.
Could I posit that God is outside the natural world, and science can only confirm the natural world?
There exists no empirical evidence for the existence of God, but there’s also no empirical evidence for the existence of logic and metaphysical truths. Can the reality of the world or even the rationality of the scientific method be proven by the scientific method? There seems to be philosophical assumptions made that an objective external world exists, that is governed by casual regularities, and that the human mind can uncover such regularities, etc. This would show science can only detect physical reality, but not uncover the reliability of reason and logic.
If we can agree some truths can’t be empirically verified, then maybe we can see science can neither confirm nor deny the existence of God (or immaterial entity).
I would say science needs to justify the nonexistence of God, who is outside of time and space (as most Christians believe) to make the claim our world “emerged entirely spontaneously and unguided”.