“There is nothing for that god to do.” I believe God can interact with His creation because He has the power to create time and space. What is your proof God can’t control spacetime?

I totally agree in evolution, but your subjective idea that God would be “cruel or indifferent” needs proof. I believe God can logically create quickly, slowly, directly, or intermediate; but His perception of time is completely different than our own. Suppose a billion years would be a second for Him or that He sees all of time (past, present, and future) all at once.

That appears to be a human perception of what you think God would act like (“inefficient, tinkering, and bungling”), but I don’t blame you because 13.8 billion years is a lot of time for us to comprehend. I think it’s a stretch to assign our own human perceptions to critique an all-powerful God’s actions.

To say human’s minds are “cognitively biased to believe in gods” says nothing about the existence of God. I would say this strengthens our belief in God who would have given us faculties to understand Him better. You again need to prove an all-powerful God (outside of our universe) cannot possibly interact with His creation if you make that claim.