That’s a good emotional answer, but without a logical answer it doesn’t exactly prove much. I agree God may seem cruel, but His reasons for doing things can logically make sense, even if we can’t understand it fully. If God is literally all-knowing, He is aware of the right reasons to make good out of anything.

As difficult as it appears, we humans are allowed to criticize God’s ways, but cannot logically conclude He is either “impotent, ignorant, or wicked”. The problem of evil is the greatest emotional obstacle to belief. Humans unfortunately have a very limited vantage point and often lack the knowledge of things of true significance. We should at least recognize that a being with more knowledge than us may have good reasons for pain and suffering.

If you were to prescribe this patient a very painful medication with no other way to cure his/her illness, that method is not evil, it’s out of love for their wellbeing. Or if you were to give a child painful immunizations, he doesn’t understand the suffering but you understand it as beneficial: to prevent the much greater suffering of disease.

I again thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Thank you for your service in helping others, physician is the most noble career. I’ll be praying for the continued success of your practice and for your wellbeing. God bless you.