on stimulant use and ADHD show that the kids who get it are disproportionately born from Oct through Dec.

The Canadian school calendar cuts off grades Jan 1.

Therefore the kids getting this meds are not pathological, they're just the youngest.

When you're six, there's a big difference between 72 months and 82 months of life.

There is a wide variation in prescription in the Western world based on cultural attitudes.

Stimulant use increasing in girls is very alarming and much of this is due to grades pressure. You almost never used to see a girl with the diagnosis.

I know kids who show up first day of college on Adderall, Xanax and an SSRI. Xanax is generally a bad idea beyond three weeks and SSRI a bad idea in under 25 due to the black box issues.

So basically we start young people out in life driving down the freeway with the gas and the brake pedals simultaneously depressed and wonder why the gear box is fried.

Then you have the issue of people using the diagnosis to get extra time on standardized tests.

So now I have to worry if my doctor really knows the material or whether or not he has an MD with a *. So I do the only logical thing and choose an older doctor.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and pharma honoraria to key opinion leaders.

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