Here is the problem -- when you attempt to share something not so fun. Yeah, yeah, not so fun. But true. True True and you get criticized for having this view of reality.

Friends you thought were strong, quickly run away... they be dogs.

For if they only knew what you know and took the time to relate.

But they don't, they want to be selfishly in their world of fun.

Nothing breaks their bond to this state of mind. You are left to wonder and go crazy, it is really them or it is me that needs to change.

No, you stick to your wits, your knowing mind, your logic, your standing.

But all of the world slips by while this truth is hurting them too.

They just do not understand where they are hurting, because they are viewing life through rose-colored glasses.

This truth that no one can grasp the concept that there is a secret force that has been made intentionally to be hidden away by this exact measure that those in the fun of life do not see the grief.

But when we take the time to Stop, Look, and Listen. [ ref: Donna Summer ] we see things are off what ought to be.

You would think. But those in the trance of fun don't stop, they don't look, and they don't listen and that is the problem in our world.

We are so easily fooled by the crafters of ilk that no one dare disturb the silence that is harming us to a full and complete societal collapse. We don't look into each other's faces, each other's eyes, to grasp the seriousness of concern on each other's world. We don't do this because why?

We are afraid of being told, that what we view is false when it is actually true. We can't see the truth anymore because we have lost all trust. Trust is where the problem lies. And frankly, if we do not rebuild ourselves to a better trust -- in ourselves, in our families, in our lover partners, in our business relations, in our community, and in our society as a whole.... we are doomed!

See: [ Washington Post October 2017 ]:
How The Erosion of Trust Leads To Murder And Mass Shootings


But while we all know from experience that shootings can lead to faltering trust, the reverse appears to be true as well. My research has found that declining trust in our institutions, our social structures and one another leads to more lethal violence, including mass murder. As abstract as these sentiments may seem, they predispose certain people to kill. In fact, they explain homicide rates better than any other factor, including unemployment, guns, drugs or a permissive justice system.

When we lose faith in our government and political leaders, when we lack a sense of kinship with others, when we feel we just can't get a fair shake, it affects the confidence with which we go about our lives. Small disagreements, indignities and disappointments that we might otherwise brush off may enrage us — generating hostile, defensive and predatory emotions — and in some cases give way to violence.


This is a big deal.

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