Hello there,
I cannot understate how important this topic is to me.
I do have a history of depressive episodes (or the lower shape called dystemia) and also anxiety. I am seeing a therapist and we are working with psycho analysis. I do have, however, a very strong interest in nutrition, coming from a long history of food allergies and IBS and so on. I can tell you that i observe my mood related to my for a few years now and very very close for a good year. The negative impact that sometimes a single alcoholic beverage in the evening, for a few consecutive days, does have on my mood is almost astounding. If i leave alcolhol out and instead do IF i feel better i feel good.

This has to be the future of treatment. A wholistic view.
We are not only what we think but also what we eat.
If yo dont believe the studies, talk to your patients.
Or believe me.