There shouldn't be any surprise that treatment with certain micronutrients, or even macro ones, can have a dramatic impact upon mental health symptoms. Even the comment: "such a simple and inexpensive treatment . . . " belies the bizarre and biased attitude that some medical clinicians or scientists can have to nutrition and its impact upon health. Many decades ago clinical researchers reported upon large series of case histories of patients taking niacin or nicotinamide and improving schizophrenia symptoms. People everywhere, in their hundreds of thousands are taking magnesium supplements, or administering it transdermally and reporting reduction of anxiety symptoms. Considering the many cellular biochemical pathways that require adequate magnesium to operate, and considering that many soils are magnesium depleted + processed foods may be depleted, for anyone to be surprised at the clinical reports of magnesium supplementation is bizarre. Rather than being a fringe idea, or whacky, I would think that for someone to laugh at the idea without examining it might indicate suboptimal mental functioning (or at least a pathological lack of curiosity).