I think one of the sad things is that eating better isn't easily affordable. People struggle today to afford healthcare, let alone real food. There is so much processed junk out there and it's SO much cheaper! When you are on a budget it is hard to say yes to fresh natural bread for 5 bucks when there's processed loafs for half the cost (and often "last" longer too).

My wife and I have been slowly cutting out processed foods and have noticed quite the change. But one can't deny that it's hard to avoid at times, especially when one can get a full "meal" (it's all junk, but still) for around 6 bucks. But if one wants a salad, it's at least $8-10. And then you add on the cost of vitamins or other beneficial nutrients? Ouch. Took me awhile to even buy turmeric for anti-inflammation. It's done wonders, but spending a good chunk of change on quality turmeric powder wasn't easy!

I really enjoyed this, along with the podcast and highly agree that eating better can aid in the healing process of caring for our brains and thus, selves. Just wanted to add my 2 cents on the difficulty of affording the cost of following through.