I know this because it's axiomatic that actions speak louder than words.

If the coastal elites really believed AGW, Malibu beachfront property would be worthless. Instead, 30 million might get you in a bidding war. If they really believed it they would sell their private jets. Instead, 1500 showed up at Davos.

No, it's not that people aren't ready for it. It's that the plan is completely unworkable and the predictions in the past haven't happened. Hell, even rabid left misandrist Sen. Hirono had to point out that one can't take a bullet train to Hawaii. They couldn't think of that in advance? What is Markey's excuse? See Kimberly Strossel's excellent analysis in the WSJ.

This age of stupidity has made computation of costs and practical considerations off limits for discussion but reality doesn't care about dumb feelings.