In order to get everyone justifiably terrified, GND backers holler that we have 12 years left. Leave behind the issue that we have heard that before from none other than one of the GND founding fathers Al Gore. Everyone knows the GND is going nowhere until after the 2020 election and only then if the GND backers can control all three levers of government. Even if they were to get it going 1 day into a new administration, if would take years for such a gradiose scheme to even get in place. So if we are "lucky" (and reality does not hit from the usual suspects - legal challenges, disruptions to the real economy that would ensue, an entire overturn of the house and senate in 2022 back to Republican control, etc.) it won't really be gaining traction until say 2023-2024. That would mean it has about 6 years left at that point until we are all doomed. If you believe in unicorns you might believe that it could accomplish its goals. If you are part of the reality based community, you know this for what it is - a cynical attempt to try and gain votes in 2020 with a "moonshot" that could never ever achieve its goals before our promised doom is staring us in the face.

People don't fear what the GND warns against because they know it's not true. The reality is that even if we are undergoing global warming, it will occur over decades and even then can be reversed. During that time a more reasonable approach to dealing with climate change will be put in place and the technologies that can address it can be developed in a cost efficient and reasonable manner. The reasonable approach won't help dems take control of government in 2020 and that is all they really want. Most people can see right through it.